[Sun] 26 July 2021 (Mind Proximity)

How we died (in the future)
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[Sun] 26 July 2021 (Mind Proximity)

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14 fearless operators took to the skies and to the sea to eliminate a variety of bad guys and hostages.

We started with a nearly perfect High Speed, Low Drag run. Despite a couple casualties we eliminated every hostile target within the town before the bulk of the enemy reinforcements arrived. Sadly, a TH was downed during extraction, and the survivors were forced to spend a few minutes and lots of bullets killing half of the FIA resistance in the town before another TH attempted to pull them out. FIA's numbers were too many however, and this rescue did not succeed.

After that we travelled into the hills with AKs and Orcas. A nice scenic flight was interrupted by flying over a hostile compound full of hostages. With necessary speed and aggression, our friendly force deployed nearby, assaulted into the compound, and successfully carried out an execution on a hostage. Two hostages managed to escape, so our force took to the air again and landed at another FIA compound where a second hostage was killed. Uh, accidently.

Following up on a couple less than successful air assaults, we made a nice stroll along the Tanoan coast. This went pretty well for awhile, our understrength fireteams tackling CSAT's fortified compounds with ease thanks to maneuver and the heavy fire of our supporting .50 cal technical. Things took a turn for the worse when that technical took an RPG at the second objective. The gunner bravely bailed out and ran away while the driver, desperately trying to turn the car on while staring at a gaped hole where once an engine sat, succumbed to the flames as the vehicle vaporized. Soon after this, one fireteam was caught in an open field by an Ifrit which cut them in half. Battered, disorganized, and low on ammo, the surviving squad members held position while they awaited reinforcements.

Another Ifrit screamed down the road while the survivors held their position. Our remaining RAT was ready, fortunately. With only a split second to react, as the Ifrit was travelling at full speed, the RAT took his shot... While standing in the middle of the road... The Ifrit was disabled but its momentum carried it directly over the brave RAT, Teifiterror.

Following this, with the gun on the Ifrit partially disabled, vocal directions were given to stay away from the vehicle as the turret could shoot anyone close enough, and the safest choice would be to hit the vehicle with AT. The survivor of the fire team that was cut in half by the earlier ifrit, and the surviving technical crew member, clearly shaken by events a few minutes earlier, took it upon themselves to ignore this and approach the Ifrit. Apparently they were able to shoot out the crew, but the vehicle that had taken a rocket 30 seconds prior was just starting to cook off and these, uh, two individuals decided that being right next to the Ifrit would be perfectly fine. They didn't get a chance to reconsider. :siiigh:

We cleaned out the last objective just fine, aside from the reinforcement fireteam that all decided to party on top of a rock that a minigun could shoot at...

Finally we ended the night with a nice romp through the hills on Stratis, successfully outflanking and evading AAF forces who desperately tried to shoot their guns as much as possible to keep us distracted.

  • HSLD [Co-op]
  • Killer Whales [Co-op]
  • Coast [Co-op]
  • Mountain Mishap [Afterparty]
  • House Rules D [Afterparty]
  • House Rules D [Afterparty]
  • Rally: A Gori Fate [Afterparty]

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