[Tue] 31 May (I'm sure it'll be fine)

How we died (in the future)
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[Tue] 31 May (I'm sure it'll be fine)

Post by Aqarius »

Taking advantage of the fair weather, and seeking refuge from the simmer heat, 27 brave comrades joined us again on the Aegean republic of Altis, and fought for, against, or perpendicular to, it's liberty!
  • Mailman (EX)
  • Armour Graveyard
  • Beer Run
  • HSLD
  • Realistic mission
  • Hotel Pefkas
  • Escape from Chelonisi
  • RC Cars
  • Rally Almyra
As the summer is approaching, and with it the coming culmination of the brewing insurrection on the tropical archipelago of Tanoa, the party reminds you of our planned... uh, birdwatching excursion! to this beautiful place, renowned across the world for it's wildlife, seas, and army base sunbathing. We're going sunbathing.

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Re: [Tue] 31 May (I'm sure it'll be fine)

Post by Amiideus »

Hey everyone,
(Since my TS overlay is preventing me from using Steam Screenshots and I only discovered it tonight, I have no photos...)

Really nice run !
It must be my 6th or 7th time with FA and it's still a blaaaast. People are nice and maps are fun. Thanks to the last update, I was running at 50-60 FPS all night !

First mission 'mailman' was nice and really cool from the get go, two or three fireteams, landing in a hot LZ to cover some engineers while they pick up data.

I was the only one who actually died before touching the ground in my chopper ,from a 50 cal round, so I spectated the rest, only to see some epic moments, such as a comrade shooting down a heli from the back of a pick up truc with no wheels and a 50 cal, only to have the chopper crash mere meters in front of its subduer.

Almost as epic was the helicopter run back to base after the remnants of our force gathered and rushed to the last Ghosthawk under a CSAT Transport Heli strafing run. The same heli which then pursued the Ghost Hawk in a daring pursuit, but happily enough, its many maneuvers meants that the Ghosthawk managed to pick up a big enough speed advantage and thus winning the mission !


The second mission, Armor Graveyard was simple :

A FIA group finds a tank wreck then assaults a CSAT FOB.

As Tank Commander :hist101: , I bravely waited in the back with my crew (Shado the mic-less driver and Zenzos the able Gunner) until the tank was found and secured !

We fixed it up quite nicely and awaited instructions. Sadly the fog and hilly terrain meant low visibility and the CO decided to have the infantry open the way. ( :commissar: )It was a migthy bloodbatch that our tank sadly couldn't stop. The infantry did manage to immobilize most vehicles inside the compound, so when we arrived in the FOB, the CSAT infantry was shocked and we killed most of them.

When the dust settles I radio in for orders, and am prompted by a one man MMG team : "Yeah, I think you are in charge now..."

"Are you sure ?"

An awkward blank in the conversation ensues.

"Since no one is contradicting me, I guess I am."

"Oh ok then. I am in charge" says I, gleefully.

And then the music came in and it was mission success ! The tank survived ! As did its crew ! I technically got a "mission success" as CO !

A long day of firsts it was.


Crazy Beer run

That beer run was fantastic, as Ajax (FIA) and GeOM (AAF) once again took command to get ahold of airborn beer.

Ajax, always the cunning fellow decided to avoid the beer run entirely and set up an ambush in two positions :

*Alpha 2 on the likely way back from the beer run for the AAF
*Alpha 1 at the AAF drop off point.

All the while, Ajax would survey from afar and shoot at people from atop a hill.

So there we went, jolly and merry a company in a bright red truck, enjoying fancy words like "bucolic" and "immortal". We dropped off A2 past Syrta and then A1 went on to try and kill some Green Guard.

They proved to be immortal and that prompted a retreat on our side. We would linger in the zone, waiting for the inevitable AAF truck full of beer.

That's when I got shot in the back of the head by one of the AAF AIs.

And 2 minutes after, Ajax died and GeOM threw his truck toward his dropoff point, only to be met with gunfire. He then barged right to go back to his men, only to fall in the hands of FIA A2 !

The truck was immobilized using GLs and 5.55m rounds.

At that moment dear reader, you might think that FIA would win ?

:psypop: Well think again, cos then the FIA decided to do something completly different :

- Get into a far range shooting battle with the AAF, and started losing men.
- Get flanked by AAF soldiers.

At that point in time, A1 is virtually destroyed, A2 still has beer and got the FIA truck back from the AAF Drop Off.

And yet the FIA choosed to fight, and fight they did.

Unto the last man.

And the AAF inexpicably won. (Kuddos to Cyaran who apparently did an amazing job as a first time FTL !)


(High Speed Low Drag)

That mission we had done on Sunday and lost.

I was TH1 on Sunday and crashed on the LZ. I did kill a surprised CSAT pointman but at the cost of a full Fireteam.

I had trained Monday and Tuesday expecting another chance to fly, and here it was, so I picked up TH1 again.

The CO gave me a really small LZ on the northern part of town, but it almost had a grass runway going in, so I was confident.

Apart from ignoring my CO's order to stay in the LOITER Area before getting a go and thus prompting the whole operation forward only due to my stress, I landed, got most of my passengers off and then landed again on the same spot to put down my last passengers, for whom I had been too fast in going back up the first time.

I then got up again, did a nice round trip and before I could even start relaxing at 200m in the air, I was asked to come back at the same spot to pick Alpha 1, whose job had been done in a snap. I picked everyone up, we went round the town trying to find out if we were leaving anyone behind (we were) and we flew out. I had made it out alive, in a successful mission twice in a row, and for me on ARPS it was a miracle.

And I didn't crash !


#1 Mission where stuff falls from the sky. Went over quickly. Nice fun.

#2 Attack a CSAT Hotel with 2 FTs, as CO. Everything went smoothly until FTs actually got into the hotel, crawling with Elite CSAT. And anyhow by that moment, I had been headshotted by a CSAT SpecOp with a suppressor. I did kill 4 men before going down, which was nice.

Conclusion ?

If you fail, try again, people on FA are too nice to say no. If you fail twice in a row, take a backseat for a session and then try again. It's fun ! I had much fun as a Tank Commander, turning in and out of the Turret to survey the area, getting out of the tank just like a young PanzerKommander to find nice spots... This was honestly one of my best time playing Arma 3 and I have this wonderful community to thank for that. So if you are reading this :

*Come play with us, people are even nicer to newcomers !
*Come back for a session, people are still awfully nice to everyone !

Cheers & g'dnight

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Have a good one !
-Paul, Amiideus

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Re: [Tue] 31 May (I'm sure it'll be fine)

Post by GeEom »

Really lovely write up Amiideus!

Three wayward banditos ambush a humble beer truck CO:
(One's behind my GPS)


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Re: [Tue] 31 May (I'm sure it'll be fine)

Post by AJAX »

Such a bummer to lose Beer_Run like that and watch it all slowly fall apart from spectating :bang: . Another great session of Epic Arma Moments, like, watching that enemy heli almost crash land on Aqarius after he shot it down was very epic.. :dance:
P.S. Looking forward to my new f"Arma"rs tan we will be getting in the "Green Hell" Sunny beaches I hear :coolbert: . Still no ladies though :siiigh: .

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Re: [Tue] 31 May (I'm sure it'll be fine)

Post by fer »

Comrade Amiideus, you've been time-travelling again. It's Folk ARPS, or FA, please. ;)

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Re: [Tue] 31 May (I'm sure it'll be fine)

Post by Peasant »

Beer Run went bad for a bunch of reasons, most of which were my fault, but I'd like to congratulate the AAF for a textbook encirclement. Also, I'd like to remind anyone who is dropped in to a command role unexpectedly that
1) to give an order, you have to say it out loud and not just think it. (am very, very guilty of this)
2) well done to Sam and Ciaran as first time FTls
3) always leave someone back to look after the truck
4) Darkchozo is a master of understatement, not irony
5) bucolic adj 1. of shepherds; pastoral 2, of country life; rustic -n. a pastoral poem

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Re: [Tue] 31 May (I'm sure it'll be fine)

Post by Aqarius »


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Re: [Tue] 31 May (I'm sure it'll be fine)

Post by Amiideus »

Bucolic adj The amount of bucolicity is calculated to the amount of faeries that one can count in a scene.
i.e : "Those faeries are making all of this so bucolic ! Like at least 20 bucolics !"
Have a good one !
-Paul, Amiideus

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