[Sun] 27 Jun 2016 (Foolproof plans)

How we died (in the future)
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[Sun] 27 Jun 2016 (Foolproof plans)

Post by Kefirz »

Tonight saw 31 people take up arms against injustice, bad slotting and incentive. Thank you to all that came, despite the obvious difficulties, I hope you had a good time.

Missions played today:
  • Petrofied
  • Edna
  • Brushfire
  • Counter Espionage
  • Inter IV
  • Escape from Chelonisi
  • HSLD
As always post your comments, screenshots, videos and war stories here. It's a great way letting everyone else know what happened with you.

Finally, some recommended reading for all comrades, new and old:

The Folk ARPS leadership programme
Comrade Head's new launcher / mod updater (Swifty)
Folk ARPS tags
''I am not going against tanks'' - Tryteyker, MAT gunner.
''Downboated so much, it's an u-boat now.'' - Boberro.
''Sorry, I meant hon hon hon baguette baguette Eiffel Tower'' - Mabbott

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Re: [Sun] 27 Jun 2016 (Foolproof plans)

Post by Boarnoah »

A1 R
May have been a little too eager there firing back at contacts. I hope command survived that friendly fire incident on the hilltop.
Lost power just afterwards, didn't get to see our assault into town. Lovely weather and countryside, would flank again 10/10.

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Re: [Sun] 27 Jun 2016 (Foolproof plans)

Post by Cardova »

Brushfire. It took us a bit too long to get down to the ambush location. One of our MANPADS had disappeared and the other had not been set up for use. We barely had enough time to get into the buildings before beings swarmed.

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Re: [Sun] 27 Jun 2016 (Foolproof plans)

Post by SuicideKing »

Necropost ahoy!

Going through old videos, so expect more here.


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