[Tue] 25 Oct 2016 (Second time's a charm)

How we died (in the future)
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[Tue] 25 Oct 2016 (Second time's a charm)

Post by Freyja »

12 is the number of revolutionaries and the number of revolutionaries is 12

I am honestly still a bit in shock at how much better we fared on the second run of Uphill from here, we were running the same parameters as previous, and although it was a different route, the level of cohesion was a lot better the second time around. It really seemed like we were going to get wiped out in the first large engagement, but AJAX and Harry managed to wrangle the squad and pull it off against all odds, it was really excellent.

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Re: [Tue] 25 Oct 2016 (Second time's a charm)

Post by AJAX »

It is always a pleasure to make a Tuesday session when I can. It often has lower numbers but that usually tends to lead to a little bit more of an intense situation when we get into missions. Unfortunately I missed out on the middle 2 missions but what I was able to play was still another Epic Arma day. I really cannot believe how many survivors we had taking that radio tower on the uphill mission in the jungle. Good Times!

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Re: [Tue] 25 Oct 2016 (Second time's a charm)

Post by DirtyHarry »

Mission:Rebel Alliance Part 2
Role: A2 FTL
TL;DR: See some; kill some

Not alot to say about this. Suicide King led this and must have only just watch Apollo 13 as he was keen to hook shot the fire teams on opposite sides of the town we were attacking. I presume the line of attack was meant to mean that exit speed was extremely fast.

Seriously though; Great example of small team tactics in Folk ARPS. We came, we saw, we stacked up and we kicked some.
FT1 went in first whilst CO and FT2 provided overwatch. Once FT1 was in position we smoked out and advanced to their position.
My team were able to successfully move and cover each other through the town. If we lost anyone, they asked for it. (honestly can't recall)

Great mission. Really got involved and as such didn't take any photos.

Mission:Uphill From Here (HD redux)
Role: A1 FTL
TL;DR: Creep some; kill some


Netkev took CO and really wanted a slow and considered approach to this.
The idea was fairly straight forward. The entire island is crawling with CSAT and CSAT wannabes. Bounding overwatch was the tactic used and I have to say that this was excellent.

One fireteam would advance, hold, scan. Second fire team advance past first fireteam hold, scan. It really worked quite beautifully.

Upon first engagement we were getting shot up quite bad. instead of advancing directly in front (where the bullets came from) we advanced west (left) of a2 and tried to flank around. It worked to a certain extent. The main trouble is in the dense jungle. (note: New jungle warfare tactic developed: Napalm)
Bullets are flying everywhere and your TacUI is limited. Nevertheless we managed to somehow survive the brutal onslaught of shots from all sides and come out with perhaps half the team still alive.
CO was dead. (asked for it) and so as FT1 I requested that we regroup and push on to the radio tower.
Again, advancing slowly, carefully.
We reached the first compound and cleared it. We reached the second larger outpost. Again no problem.

Then after a sacrifice was made (Someone shot AJAX) we got an explosive charge to destroy the radio tower. Boberro was only too keen and set a rather short charge of 40secs.
(note: under investigation)

Mission:Shock and Awe
Role: A1 FTL
TL;DR: Shock; Awe

Less said about this the better. Basically GI Joe except everyone died at the end. Good tho.
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Re: [Tue] 25 Oct 2016 (Second time's a charm)

Post by Ciaran »

A2 got to the convoy pretty quickly. Our mute pilot got us set down a couple hundred metres in front of the convoy, where I managed to set my bipod down on a conveniently placed bollard-thing at the side of the road. We waited until the convoy was right on top of us, then, when given the order to fire, I unloaded an entire 200 round box of 6.5mms into the general direction of the convoy. Many offroads exploded. Many men were cut down. One of those men had a Kahlia on his rifle, so I decided it would be a wonderful idea to slap it on top of my LMG (it was a terrible idea).
TL;DR Haiku:
There was a convoy.
We got dropped off by helo.
I killed twenty four.

Uphill From Here 2: Uphill Harder
Pictured: Standard NATO Autorifleman weapon accessories.

Shock and Awe
Think this was the 5th time I've played this, only been on the ground once (I really should stop). It was another 'shoot at the black dots until the team on the ground inevitably dies'. We were eventually taken down by AA, IIRC, but before then the VTOL racked up probably around 100 kills, not that it mattered.
It's kinda difficult to get fancy screenshots in the VTOL, this is the best I could be bothered to get.
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