[Sun] 9 May 2021 (Quixotic Experiments)

How we died (in the future)
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[Sun] 9 May 2021 (Quixotic Experiments)

Post by Costno »

About 20 people flowed in and out of life on an evening of experimentation and windmill assaults.

We started with a town incursion into St. Louis (not that one), which went well. Next we achieved more than 100% casualties assaulting a large town on Altis, shout out to the few of you who managed to survive the whole thing. After that we took a more armored approach and knocked FIA out of a couple towns with Marids and had a very spicy extraction. Finally we made a daring air assault, knocked out some HVTs, and extracted with some people. Smooth stuff all around, thanks for coming folks.

If anyone was a fireteam leader of a whole fireteam long enough to make use of the experimental color teams, let us know your feedback here or in discord. Did you like it? Did you hate it? Did you not care?

  • Saint Louis [Co-op]
  • Liberation from Liberators [Co-op]
  • Marid Brigade Combat Team [Co-op]
  • HSLD [Co-op]
  • Rally: Didymos [Afterparty]
  • The Showdown [Afterparty]
  • Minecraft [Afterparty]
  • House Rules [Afterparty]

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Re: [Sun] 9 May 2021 (Quixotic Experiments)

Post by wolfenswan »

It's been a while, huh? 4 1/2 years according to the forum. But was I right to be scared of change?

In fact, Saint Louis had me wondering such. We were scarily competent with Greyfox as FTL and me as first AR, taking the town with hardly breaking any sweat. No close calls really but a very enjoyable re-introduction.

Had Folk ARPS really changed that much, had competence become the norm? I was worried. But then: Liberation from Liberators. A meat grinder right to my liking, from the obscene amount of AI, to the suicidal assault over fairly open fields up to bleeding out way too far ahead and seeing a constant stream of enemies waltz past me, ruining any hope of rescue. GREAT STUFF. My personal highlight was *someone* suggesting we could sprint to a bunker up front, FTL NikkoJT aknowledging that with "yeah fuck it" and then him getting shot one second into the sprint. I did not survive much longer.

I did not live too long as reincarnated C2 FTL either; I was shot in classic "they couldn't hit a barn on that distance"-fashion while checking for targets with my rangefinder. From spectator we awed at the sturdyness of Altisian(Altian?) sandbags, taking direct rocket and grenade hit after hit, while the thus protected M2 gunner racked up hit after hit, until taking a well deserved nap.

Moving on to Marid Brigade Combat Team, a really neat utilization of a mechanized ORBAT. I remember that implementing ARMA3's IFVs/APCs was always a bit hard to balance right, due to them being so powerful but at the same time so squishy. They'd easily make the infantry useless or encourage a plain unfair mission if too many AT-/armored-capabilities were given to the AI. Anyhow. That issue didn't really appear here, infantry and APC were working perfectly in tandem. And a few initial navigational hickups aside, the mission was another enjoyable show of - despite all my reservations - competence.

Then there was HSLD, a mission I actually remember. As expected, we inserted tacticool, we died tacticool. (GRUMPY!)

All in all fun was had, death was witnessed (enough? maybe not!). Hopefully I'll be able to show up more often again.

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