[Tue] 09 Jul 2013 - Mixed Victories

How we died
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[Tue] 09 Jul 2013 - Mixed Victories

Post by Bodge »

  • Rumble For Sahke
  • FoxHound
  • Chernorabbit
  • Internecine Merkel
Much death from every angle, good work.

Please post thoughts and reports below.

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Re: [Tue] 09 Jul 2013 - Mixed Victories

Post by Draakon »

Let it be known that I carried my team during FoxHound to victory! Also, was it just me, or did Alphas side of attack during Rumble For Sahke seemed...cluster of badness?

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Re: [Tue] 09 Jul 2013 - Mixed Victories

Post by Mojo »

Rumble for Sakhe
HMG Gunner

As the creator of the mission I had great joy by sitting back in a supporting role and watch my comrades figure out the mission themselves. It started out well with a collected fire attack on the entire valley. Both squads quickly dispatched the AA sites and commenced the attack. Alpha on Sakhe and bravo on the south end of the INDFOR stronghold. Alpha quickly ran into trouble with its open hillside whilst bravo managed to clear out the entire stronghold thanks to excellent cover. Alpha was decimated and bravo commenced the attack on sakhe, meeting heavy resistance from the takistani army. Iceracer, somehow, managed to sneak into town and kill the warlord. 1/2 objectives complete! General aziz decided to lay low with his golden revovler and sadly survived as his men pinned down bravo and iceracer was killed.

Feel free to send me feedback and thoughts in a PM, I am open for discussions.
The same applies for grishinokessel, I would like to know what happened so I can change/fix what caused the confusion/massacre of troops.

Charlie 1 AR
CQB house clearing that stopped out of nowhere. I still dont know who won :cry: We lost a man thanks to a roofmonkey who was then executed by the rest of the squad. That was the only action we saw in that mission.

With around 30 people, it was a good session. A few newer faces where between the ranks too! Thanks for playing :mrgreen:

Mojo out.
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Re: [Tue] 09 Jul 2013 - Mixed Victories

Post by dancemoox »

Rumble For Sahke - Alpha 2 AR, Dogface FTL, BlackMamba AR, Iceraiser AAR

Got to practice my Satnav voice for Iceraiser and fire my M136 at a tent 8 billion million miles away, I missed the two HVT by a few feet because they were outside the tent not inside :(

I got hit by a good few bullets at several places, there was plenty of opportunity on those coverless hillsides. Serpentine only does so much against the angry bees fired towards you and your brave comrades. I bled out in hellish crossfire nearish to the road and next to Ice, presumably my death spurned him on to his almost single handed victory at the blasted tent.

FoxHound - Opfor Bravo 2 AR, Awaitz FTL, Iceraiser AAR, Tigershark AT

Seems we lucked out on the helicopter front and made it to the LZ quickly. Bravo took some RPG fire on the way in and we lost Bravo 1 to a well placed Lee Enfield sniper. Once Ice spotted and eliminated him I went down to fire coming from the convoy, not sure if I got him with my burst fire but Ice patched me up and it became clear that B2 was all that remained of Bravo so we held up for Awaitz to get on CC and get some orders. With the CO dead it took a bit of time to get moving again and the mission ended without much of a fuss..

Chernorabbit - Alpha 2 AR, Iceraiser FTL, Issus AAR, Tired Hippo AT

Sticking with 'if I get shot Ice usually patches me up in time' plan I slotted as his AR. In the truck it was dark and headlights from the rest of the convoy were blazing so I put on my NVGs and waited for people to teleport back. When we hit the treeline we were under some mighty nice enemy fire, I dismounted went prone next to the truck and fired at three groupings of muzzle flashes. With no more firing coming from the first three locations I turned north and eliminated some contacts Ice had spotted north, I then went about firing madly at moving targets in the trees minding my own business really. Quickly down to my last belt I grabbed some more from the truck and retook my position between a tree and the truck. More contacts were streaming in all over the place, there was shouting on TS about IFV and mines and all sorts of things were exploding around the place. To the left I saw someone on bluefor running madly around the forest quite forward of our lines mesmerised for a moment the Arma gods decided to activate the explosive feature of the tree next to me. I'm unsure if it was GP fire or an RPG but I was hit, I crawled south to the back of the truck and was patched up (again) by Iceraiser, he did ask why I was wearing my NVG as it was daylight by this point. With some further medical attention done I grabbed more ammo from the truck and set myself up south of the truck on the slight rise, giving covering fire for Ice to move the truck, it was here my luck ran out a stray round hit me and I was dead instantly. I watched the carnage unfold on one monitor and amusing youtube things on the other to dull the PTSD..

Internecine Merkel - Indi Alpha SMG Dude #1, Dogface FTL, Warner SMG Dude #2, Egg SMG Dude #3

All hail the MP5 all hail the Chancellor for she provides the 9mm burst fire!

Alpha set up in a building looking north and east, nothing much happened for quite a long time. Dogface showed off his whistling talents and I think everyone spotted an enemy vehicle that turned out to be a nodding donkey on a second look.. Eventually the enemy hit the village from the west so we went on a flanking maneuver. Before I left I grabbed my spare grenades from my backpack and dumped it, for some reason I'd packed RPK rounds.. We got as close to the enemy as we dared before opening fire, I took one down with a burst of fire and then started moving between cover of trees rocks and bushes. Dogface was hit and called for a moon moon rescue, I did my best getting to him just as another 9mm killed our magnanimous leader. I said a short prayer over his body consisting of "you dead Dogface, you dead" and I moved on with the flank. By this time Warner was dead and Egg needed some medical attention, I managed to patch him up and threw all the remaining grenades I had towards the single Opfor that remained. With orders from the village to return I disengaged myself and egg and made for the village, thankfully my cry of "friendly friendly friendly" made m0ntags rounds miss me as I entered the village.

All in all a nice mission to round things up before testing and a nice gift from the Chancellor! Moon Moon likes MP5

ramming speed!

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Re: [Tue] 09 Jul 2013 - Mixed Victories

Post by Cam »

as Charlie SL
Charlie Medic - Daf

Not much to say on this one. We cleared out all of the compounds we could find to the North and shot some poor bloke who got caught out on the rooftop, after he'd GP'd our Medic. The mission ended shortly afterwards, and I completely zoned out for a good 5 minutes afterwards, so I have no idea who even won.

as CO

This one was... interesting. I decided to go with a fairly simple platoon line dealio, with Alpha to the west of the road and Bravo to the east, with the two IFVs assigned a squad each and the engineers + the rabbit following behind. Unfortunately, however, I made a pretty terrible mistake in placing the platoon dismount mark far too close to the forest, meaning that our convoy was set upon almost immediately, losing around a quarter (?) of our forces before we even got into the AO.

After that, there was a fairly miraculous effort on the parts of Alpha/Bravo and IFV2 (the only remaining IFV, after IFV1 made a "small" error in deciding to charge over some mines), managing to recover from the initial assault and beginning pressing through the forests, following the original set of markers.

Things proceeded fairly smoothly for a while after that, until around the half-way mark where Bravo were set upon by large amounts of enemy infantry, losing IFV2 to RPG fire in the process. Whilst this was going on Alpha was experiencing the same problems, only around 8 of their men alive, with most wounded to varying degrees. I decided to get Alpha to pull back to the road, hoping to have both squads regroup at the road and try for a final rush over the road. That didn't work, with most of Alpha dying in their retreat and the remainder of Bravo falling to enemy fire. In the end, we tried for a mad-dash across the final stretch of open-ground, with only Rabbit managing to make it across, destroying a Hind on the way but leaving the remaining wounded to handle the tank that had arrived from the south.

In hindsight, not my best plan ever. After we'd taken the casualties at the dismount mark, I should have focused on one side of the road and had Rabbit follow in the woodland. I didn't have enough units to clear the entire AO, and by splitting up into two groups Alpha was left without the support of the remaining IFV, with only Rabbit being able to help (sporadically, due to the constant RPG fire when they poked their heads up).

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Re: [Tue] 09 Jul 2013 - Mixed Victories

Post by Crocuta »

I was Bravo 1 FTL in Rumble for Sakhe. The squad set up SE of the Southern AA site and hosed it down with coordinated fire. When told to move down there while B2 covered I almost stepped off a sheer drop. Told the SL that we'd be finding an alternate route down. Five minutes later there's frantic radio chatter - half of B3 has fallen to their doom. I saw it coming.

The updated version of Chernorabbit is a huge improvement. I was in B2, taking the left flank - same as last time - and we took fire at exactly the same spot, but we were never too in control of the situation, and were eventually crushed by the Western hordes. I'd prefer to play a failed mission (which we eventually conquer in a later session) than a cakewalk. Just to note: I loved Ferrard's PMC mission in Zelenogorsk with that nasty plot twist. Can't remember what it's called.

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Re: [Tue] 09 Jul 2013 - Mixed Victories

Post by Crocuta »

Here's that small clip from Rumble for Sakhe:

Egg, did you try that route by accident?

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