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OK, I got the latest Teamspeak 3 from the website, and have it installed and launched.

Go to "connect" and use these details:

  • Address: server.folkarps.com:9988 (note: the domain and port go together)
  • Password: freedom

I'm connected. Which channel should I go to?

For the session, you're going to start with "Limbo (Slotting/Dead)". When you've just arrived, hang out there. When the mission starts, everyone will move to the appropriate side channel family (BLUFOR/OPFOR/INDFOR). Further channel split will be handled by the CO. When the mission ends (either for everyone or just for you) return to limbo, and wait for the next mission.

What about Channel Commander?

CC is a TeamSpeak feature that lets you talk to people "over the fence" of your channel. The setup we use is pretty straightforward:

  • In TS3 go to Tools > Whisper Lists (Ctrl+Shift+W)
  • Click on New (in the bottom-left of the dialog)
  • Set a Hotkey (the suggestion is: H)
  • Set Whisper to: to Groups
  • Set Group Whisper Type: to Channel Commander
  • Set Group Whisper Target: to Complete Channel Family
  • Click OK

And you're set. To turn CC on/off, either right-click your name in the playerlist and select Channel Commander, or set-up a hotkey (or combination, such as Shift+H):

  • TS3 > Settings > Options (Alt+P) > Hotkeys > Add
  • In the dialogue that pops-up click on Show Advanced Options
  • Under the action Channel Commander select Toggle Channel Commander
  • Set a hotkey or hotkey combination (the suggestion is Shift+H)
  • Click OK, then click OK again to exit the Options dialogue

Sounds technical

Sounds, yes. But once you see it in action,it gets intuitive. In general, it's highly recommended to have CC if you plan on taking leadership slots. Or, when your superior gets shot, and you get assigned leadership.

That doesn't sound like something that should happen very often, right?

Er...Well, why don't you follow me to the leadership course, just in case?

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